Quit 4 Life

For smokers who've decided to Quit

So you've decided to become a non-smoker, or you've already become one and you are looking for support. You've arrived at a good place. Quit 4 Life is the national hypnotherapy quit smoking support service in aid of the UK government's quit smoking initiative and Cancer Research UK.

By joining you will receive ongoing support and help and you are not required to purchase anything. You will receive by email, details of professionally qualified and insured, ethical practitioners who have been trained in the Quit 4 Life method.

So why not sign up now and begin receiving the following benefits:

1 Details of Quit 4 Life practitioners. Its entirely up to you whether you decide to contact any of them and we guarantee that no pressure will be put upon you to do so (you won't be giving us your phone number or address).

2 £25 gift voucher (valid for 30 days) which you can use yourself or give to someone else to use towards the cost of Quit 4 Life therapy.

3 A further £20 in M&S vouchers every time you recommend someone else and they have Quit 4 Life therapy. By the way there's no limit to how many vouchers you can receive so you can look forward to lots of new clothes or food courtesy of Quit 4 Life. Each person you recommend will also receive a £25 Quit 4 Life voucher!

4 Guaranteed ongoing after-therapy support and help including a specially recorded CD.

Its easy to join here - why not do it now!
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